Ford Fairlane, LTD 6 Cyl. Fairlane, LTD, NA-NL, DA-DL 1988-99

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Model Type: 
Fairlane, LTD, NA-NL, DA-DL
Manufacture Period: 
Ride HeightProduct
Front SuperlowCFFL-26L refer to product note (1)
Front LowCFFL-26
Front StandardCFFS-26
Front RaisedCFFH-26
Rear SuperlowCFRL-18 refer to product notes (1) & (4)
Rear LowCFRL-13 refer to product note (4)
Rear StandardCFRS-13 refer to product note (4)
Rear RaisedCFRH-13 refer to product note (4)
Note #
Note 1

Cobra Superlow springs are predominently designed for display cars. Care should be taken that all legal requirements including 100mm ground clearance, spring entrapment, sufficient bumpstop travel, etc. are maintained. In some cases certification may be required.

Note 4

For self-levelling type rear shock models replace shocks with appropriate conventional part number