Toyota 4WD & Commercial Vehicles Hiace / Supercustom with coil sprung rear 100 Series Supercustom LWB 4WD 1992-99

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Model Type: 
100 Series Supercustom LWB 4WD
Manufacture Period: 
Ride HeightProduct
Rear SuperlowCTRL-271L refer to product notes (1) & (183)
Rear LowCTRL-271 refer to product note (6)
Rear StandardCTRS-271
Rear RaisedCTRR-271
Note #
Note 1

Cobra Superlow springs are predominently designed for display cars. Care should be taken that all legal requirements including 100mm ground clearance, spring entrapment, sufficient bumpstop travel, etc. are maintained. In some cases certification may be required.

Note 6

May require short shock or modification to retain coils at full extension

Note 183

Must fit short shock to retain coil. Part number is 22691SP