Toyota 4WD & Commercial Vehicles Landcruiser 100 Series with coil springs front & rear FZJ, HZJ105R coil front & rear models 1998-07

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Model Type: 
FZJ, HZJ105R coil front & rear models
Manufacture Period: 
Ride HeightProduct
Front StandardCTFS-278
Front RaisedCTFR-278
Rear StandardCTRS-107
Rear RaisedCTRR-142
Rear Extra Heavy DutyCTRS-126 refer to product notes (181) & (200)
Rear Raised Extra Heavy DutyCTRR-126 refer to product notes (181) & (200)
Note #
Note 181

Replacement shocks or modification may be required when fitting this part number to retain coils at full droop.

Note 200

For heavy accessories only (Bullbar/Winch, etc.)